Dear Gentlemen, please read my rules and wishes. 

If you do not agree, please leave my web page. 

* Please note that I never answer video calls or phone calls - only WhatsApp messages. 

* Since I am not a typical full-time escort and this is not my main job - I do not send my "what you look like right now" selfies and do not send erotic videos - this is very vulgar, cheap and insults me. 

* I prefer meetings with men 30+ 

* To book a meeting with me, provide me with information for my well-being and safety : The hotel where are you staying / Room number / Your full name / Time and duration of the meeting.

* Please place your order no later than 2-3 hours before the meeting, and ideally one day in advance. 

Rest assured, i will not go to a meeting with you if i feel deceived. I respect your privacy, just as i want to remain private and protect my life due to the fact that i have a public day time job.